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 Food Safety



Poultry & Egg Section

The Poultry and Egg Section is challenged to provide uniform and cost effective inspection and certification of poultry, eggs, egg products and organic foods to ensure customer satisfaction and safety at the production, processing, wholesale, retail, food service and ultimate consumer levels.  We are here to protect Oklahoma Consumers and ensure a good quality egg and poultry product.

The Poultry, Eggs & Organic Section carries out the following food safety and grading responsibilities:

  1. Performs shell egg and egg products inspections at the retail, dealer and packer to ensure United States Department of Agriculture standards meet grade and size, food safety and refrigeration requirements as required by the Oklahoma Egg Law.
  2. Conducts inspection of poultry parts and products under a cooperative agreement to ensure grade standards meet United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service grade standards.
  3. Provides shell egg surveillance inspections at Oklahoma producers and hatcheries under a cooperative agreement with United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Marketing Service to ensure consumer food safety and refrigeration requirements are met.
  4. Provides Organic Certification for Crops, Livestock and processing facilities using United States Department of Agriculture, National Organic Program standards as required by the Oklahoma Organic Law. Retail, wholesale and farmers market surveillance inspections and sampling are conducted to ensure organic standards are met.

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture has a Federal Trust Cooperative Agreement with the USDA to conduct poultry and egg grading. Grading is the classifying and sorting of poultry products according to various groups of conditions in quality characteristics. The use of grading is voluntary to industry, but those who use it must pay a fee.

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