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Oklahoma Agricultural Hall of Fame
Photo of S.F. "Pamp" Howe
S.F. "Pamp" Howe-1998

"Pamp" Howe became the charter member of the Governor's Oklahoma Agricultural Hall of Fame on March 17, 1998. At the induction ceremony at the State Capitol, Governor Frank Keating said Mr. Howe embodied the essence and spirit of what Thomas Jefferson referred to as the "Yeoman farmer" who he saw as the backbone of this nation.

Mr. Howe helped bring rural water and electrical service as well as health insurance coverage to south central Oklahoma. Noted for a dedication production agriculture and community service, this Nebo, Oklahoma dairyman was recognized as a valuable leader while still a young man struggling to build the first Grade A dairy in southern Oklahoma.

That was in 1938 and the milk processor they sold their milk to was located 40 miles away in Ada, Oklahoma. One day after making the long trip Mr. Howe found a padlock on the processor's gate, a bankruptcy notice on the front door and a new Cadillac parked in the driveway. The owner of the processing facility owed Mr. Howe and the other dairymen for several week's worth of milk production, but the dairymen were left with nothing. Mr. Howe swallowed his bitterness and looked for a solution which he found by becoming a driving force behind the organization of a milk marketing cooperative in Murray County.

The cooperative later became the Central Oklahoma Milk Producer's Association which later consolidated with another organization to become the Associated Milk Producers, Inc. (AMPI) marketing cooperative. All through this period he served in leadership roles with these cooperatives and got them through some hard economic times.

After a twelve year stint serving as manager for the Southern Region AMPI he returned to full time agricultural production, but was soon called on again for assistance in setting up a rural water district and a local rural electrical cooperative.

At the time he was named as the charter member to the Oklahoma Agricultural Hall of Fame, S.F. "Pamp" Howe was 83 years young, still active in production agriculture and still serving his community as Secretary to the Board of Directors of the People's Electrical Cooperative in Ada, Oklahoma.

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