Community Fire Assistance

During wild land fire situations OFS provides:

  • Coordination of wildfire suppression aircraft for water/retardant delivery;
  • Coordination of state incident management teams and county wildland task forces through the Oklahoma Office of Emergency Management
  • Providing aerial tactical support for ground crews;
  • Direct suppression assistance from our own wildland fire crews using the latest Type VI Engines and specially designed wildland fire bulldozers; and
  • Leadership and command for emergency incidents (OFS fields the state’s only Type II Incident Management Team)

In order to build and improve our state’s firefighting capacity, OFS works with fire departments across the state through our Community Fire Assistance Program:

  • Assisting fire departments through our Rural Fire Defense Program
  • Administering numerous grant opportunities for fire departments and communities,
  • Providing training through our partnership with OSU’s Fire Service Training program and
  • Developing and implementing technical tools assistance such as our online fire reporting system and web-based State Wildfire Risk Assessment