Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program

Southern pine beetle (SPB) is a major threat to the pine forests of Oklahoma and the southern United States.  This cooperative program with the USDA Forest Service, encourages landowners to implement practices which reduce the susceptibility of Oklahoma’s forests to future SPB outbreaks.

Funding is Available  — Applications are Being Accepted

Federal cost share incentives are available to encourage forest landowners to initiate prevention measures against future infestations of the southern pine beetle and to restore forest lands that have been impacted by recent southern pine beetle activity.  

  • Maximum cost-share limit per NIPF landowner per Federal fiscal year: $10,000
  • Prioritize work in moderate to high hazard areas.
  • Thinning is known to be the preferred practice for reducing a forest stand’s susceptibility to southern pine beetle and will likely constitute the majority of forest management performed.

Counties included in this program:

For more information regarding this program please download the program guidelines and application or contact your nearest OFS Forester.