What is the Oklahoma Unwanted Pesticide Disposal program? 

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry is funding a program to help collect and properly dispose of unwanted pesticides that homeowners, farmers, ranchers, commercial applicators, or dealers may have. For future locations and dates check the website listed above. 

What are unwanted pesticides? 

Unwanted pesticides are pesticides that are unusable as originally intended for various reasons. Unwanted pesticides are leftover pesticides, pesticides that are no longer registered in the state of Oklahoma, pesticides that no longer have labels and pesticides that are no longer identifiable. 

Who is eligible to participate and what does it cost? 

Oklahoma commercial and non-commercial applicators and pesticide dealers may participate. Oklahoma farmers and ranchers and homeowners can use the program as well. There is no cost for the first 2,000 pounds of pesticides brought in by a participant. 

• Liquid pesticide weighs about 10 pounds per gallon. 

Will someone pick up my pesticides for me? 

No it is the owner’s responsibility to transport the pesticides to the site. Some transportation tips can be found at https://bit.ly/3pF9K2p 

What are the steps to participate in the collection program? 

Applicators, homeowners, farmers, and ranchers are not required to pre-register. Dealers are asked to voluntarily pre-register through the OSU Pesticide Safety Education Program. After completing pre-registration requirements, if required, bring unwanted pesticides safely to one of the collection sites. 

Why are dealers asked to pre-register? 

Dealers are asked to pre-register due to the potential of large quantities coming from multiple dealers and/or multiple locations. This allows the contractor to plan the appropriate resources to handle the quantity of pesticides that comes into the collections. Visit the OSU Pesticide Safety Education Program for information and how to register at https://bit.ly/3pF9K2p 

Will the department use my participation in the program as a means to prosecute for illegal management of pesticides? 

No, the disposal program is a service program designed to remove unusable pesticides from storage and reduce the potential threat to public health and the environment. Those disposing of pesticides will not be required to provide their names or details on their chemicals. The disposal service is free up to 2,000 pounds.

Contact Information: 

Ryan Williams 

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture 

Consumer Protection Services