OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Black vulture attacks on livestock are a serious issue for Oklahoma producers. Because of this, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry has obtained a master depredation permit through the USDA and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and is now offering sub-permits to Oklahoma residents free of charge to dispose of black vultures attacking their livestock. 

The ODAFF statewide depredation permit allows livestock producers an opportunity to apply for a livestock protection depredation sub-permit — allowing 5 legal “takes” of black vultures at no charge to the livestock owner. 

“Oklahoma will serve as a pilot state for the new black vulture depredation program through USFWS,” said Scott Alls, Wildlife Division Director for Oklahoma. “We are excited about this partnership and hope this will be the first step in solving this issue.”

Applicants must agree to follow all rules and regulations required by USFWS in the ODAFF statewide permit including: 

  • Adoption of non-lethal measures to deter black vulture depredation
    • Producers must actively aim to disperse vultures through hazing with light, sound and/or devices.
    • Reduce attractants, such as open garbage, dead livestock, and outdoor feeding of domestic or wild animals.
  • Use of shotguns and “nontoxic” shot in the lethal “taking” of depredating black vultures
    • Must adhere to all state and local firearm laws and restrictions. 
    • Any other methods (poison, trapping, etc.) will not be authorized by this permit.
    • Anyone who takes birds under this authority must follow the American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines on Euthanasia – found on their website.
  • Report “takes” to ODAFF.
    • Quarterly Reports for new sub-permittees are due by April 30, July 31, and October 31, and a summary Annual Report is due by January 31.

Black Vulture take may not occur under any other depredation permit for a producer acting under a sub-permit. Producers wishing to implement other methods of take or take more than 5 Black Vultures must obtain their own individual depredation permit.

For anyone experiencing extensive depredation issues (which will require much more than 5 takes) or having large black vulture roosts on their property, reach out to our wildlife division at blackvultures@ag.ok.gov.

To apply for a sub-permit digitally, fill out the application below or call our office at 405.521.4039.