Oklahoma City – Oklahomans are being cautioned by Oklahoma Forestry Services to expect increased wildfire danger in the Panhandle and parts of Western Oklahoma on Sunday afternoon.  Warm, dry and windy conditions elevate fire danger and Oklahoma Forestry Services urges caution with anything that can cause a spark.

“Sunday’s elevated fire conditions are a reminder that we are heading into the time of year when we typically see increased wildfire occurrence,” said Oklahoma Forestry Services Director and State Forester Mark Goeller.  “I encourage all Oklahomans to be aware of conditions and make fire prevention a top priority.”

Oklahomans are asked to use caution with all activities that may spark a wildfire and to report any suspicious smoke or fire or by calling 911.  Avoid burning debris and engaging in other fire prone activities such as outdoor welding or unattended campfires on the warm, dry and windy days.  Homeowners can also make their home more defensible by moving trash, debris and other flammable items like firewood piles or portable propane tanks a safe distance away from their home. 

Oklahoma Forestry Services is the state’s lead agency related to wildland fire prevention, protection and use. Personnel closely monitor fire weather and conditions every day and produce a Fire Situation Report as conditions warrant.   To view the Fire Situation Report or for additional information about wildfires, visit www.forestry.ok.gov/wildfire-information .