OKLAHOMA CITY — On Tuesday, Feb. 19, the State Board of Agriculture voted on a rule that will include setbacks for new or expanding construction of poultry barns. 

The final vote was 3-2 in favor of the rule.

“There are currently no regulations in place on any poultry housing locations; however, we recognize the importance of poultry in Oklahoma and also recognize the voices of concerned Oklahomans,” said Blayne Arthur, Commissioner of Oklahoma Agriculture and President of the State Board of Agriculture. “These setbacks will help enhance the living conditions of citizens and also will continue to support the poultry industry, which has a large economic impact on our state.”

Arthur explained the two dissenting votes opposed the rules because they are against setbacks of any kind. They are concerned if setbacks are in place pertaining specifically to poultry, they could affect other agricultural industries in the future.

Although the vote was not unanimous, the new rules will move forward for approval by the legislature and Governor. If approved, rules will go into effect in September.