Forest & Land Management

Many Oklahomans do not realize that more than twelve million acres (approximately 28 percent of the land) of our state is forested and the forest industry directly contributes over $3.3 billion to our state’s economy annually. Our forests provide numerous ecological services such as clean air and water, recreational opportunities, and scenic beauty. View the latest forestry economic stats fact sheets: Economic Importance of Forestry in Oklahoma – Infographic and Economic Importance of Forestry in Oklahoma – Factsheet.

We help with:

  • Management Plans
  • Forest and Tree Health Advice
  • Timber Stand Improvement
  • Tree Seedlings
  • Prescribed Burning
  • Water Quality Assistance
  • Windbreaks and Shelterbelts

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Why Manage Your Forests and Woodlands?

What do you see when you look at your trees?

  • Ten trees or ten acres of trees?
  • A scenic view?    
  • A future home site?    
  • A haven for recreation?    
  • A habitat for wildlife?     
  • A family legacy?     
  • A one-time cash crop?      
  • A long-term investment?
  • Regardless of what you see, or what you own . . .

Management is key.

Management helps keep your trees and forest land healthy and productive today and tomorrow, and increases economic, environmental and social benefits from them. If your goal is maintaining your forest land, good management means wise stewardship.

Whatever your objectives–profit, sport, recreation, scenery, wildlife habitat, or conservation — good management can help get you there. Good management guides you toward maintaining a healthy forest and demonstrating social, environmental, and ecological responsibility. Whether you represent the fourth generation of Oklahoman on your land or the first, managing it preserves your legacy for future generations.

Forest and Land Management Topics:

Tree and Forest Health
Forest Markets and Products
Urban and Community Forestry
Forest Legacy
Oklahoma Forest action plan
Forest Management Grant/Cost-Share Programs
planning your forest’s future
Forest Taxation and Estate Planning